Friday, October 12, 2018

Alternative Remedies: Spiritual Baths With Natural Ingredients

Spiritual baths are used to dispel evil, balance chakras and open new doors of opportunity.  The type of bath that you take depends on the circumstances of the individual and what they hope to attain.   Although spiritual baths may be purchased in stores, the best ones are actually made using certain ingredients that are used in the kitchen. These ingredients includes milk, lemon, and sea salt. 

Bathing in sea salt helps to remove negative energy and uplift the spirit; it also removes dead skin. This bath is less affordable but you will see immediate results. After immersing in  this bath, you will feel as if a weight have been lifted off your shoulder. 

DIRECTIONS: Pour 4 handful of rock sea salt in 1/4 bathtub of warm water. Wash from neck downwards thoroughly then rinse off  residue in the shower. Put on underwear inside-out and wear something preferable white.  Afterwards, read Psalm 24 or an affirmation for clarity three times then kneel and ask God for what you desire. Repeat this bath for 3 consecutive days at the same time preferable at 6 a.m starting Thursday. You should see results in 3 days. 

The milk bath is for purification; it is usually taken to feel spiritually cleansed.  It is recommended that you take this bath after a divorce or separation. Once you take this bath, you should leave all worries behind and depend on the Lord, Jesus Christ. 
No matter what the circumstances, your future will soon realign itself and you will later have no feeling of regrets. For this bath read Psalms 49 seven times or meditate before immersing yourself in the bath. Think positivity while taking ithis bath  It is advisable that you take a lemon bath 2 days before 

LEMOM BATH Slice 12 lemons in halves then add to a full bathtub of lukewarm water. Rinse off thoroughly while usa piece of lemon in different areas of the body. Don’t forget to wash behind the ears and knees. Squeeze a little  lemon juice also in your mouth then rinse it out. Bath should last for 25 minutes only. Let out the water then put on a slipper. Do not be bare-footed. Apply olive oil to wet skin. Air dry then put clothes on. If possible wash your hair during this bath then slightly towel dry. 
To consecrate oil open vial or bottle and repeat psalm 53 three times or a positive affirmation. 

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