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How to Overcome Cyberbullying, Stalking and Harrassment

How to Overcome Cyberbullying, Stalking and Harrassment 

August 27, 2018
Researchers have failed to realize that adults have become a large percentage of cyberbullying true statistics. To be fully able to overcome this criteria, one has to be able to fully comprehend it.  Undoubtedly, cyberbullying no longer just affects teens that attend public schools but also affects adults who have joined social mefia communities.
People join social media communities such as Instagram on Facebook for different reasons including reuniting with people from their past such as relatives and friends. Others join after being invited by someone else and eventuslly stays for the interaction and entertainment.
Any innocent person can become a victim of cuberbullying. You could simple be a follower on anyone‘s page or like an image when all of a sudden you receive inbox threats and  your family photos including those of your children are blasted all over the internet with derogatory statements. The perpetrators like to form groups to target other innocent victims.
The members of these grouos oftentimes seek out private information and contact local authorities including  Chikd Welfare Bureau and give false statements. Their aim is to separate families and their emphasis is that their victims will eventually commit suicide or be locked away in jail.
Did you know that hatred towards victims of cyberbullying, stalking and harrassment is actually a cry for help?  If you are a victim of cyber-bullying, stalking and harrassment, you may have taking certain stands to show that you are strong and refuse to be intimidated only to become totally completely isolated not realizing that these perpetrators feed off your energy; they crave for attention.  However, the more attention that you give your accomplice is the more they become infuriated and try to destroy you completely.

Cyberbullying stalking and harrassment could happen to anyone even when they choose to live the most secluded lives. However, you may be able to overcome by completely ignoring your opponent,  possible changing locations, filing a report with the rightful authorities and blocking all forms of communication.

The majority of people who set out to display hatred towards others are actually victims of certain circumstances such as child molestion, sexual exploitation, child abuse, abandonment, incarceration, mental and physical abuse probably in relationships, divorce, separation and loss of love ones.  They may have also been bullied as children and feel unloved or unwanted by their parents. Finding out information about your perpetrator and making it public on social media only causes matters to get worse. They will only surface with a rebuttal and make up stories about you to completely destroy your reputation.

The saying, “misery loves company” is absolutely true. There are people who don’t like to see other people happy especially if they are feeling isolated. Unfortunately, most of us who experience the dark stigmas of hatred retaliates and lashes out. This may be our way of demonstrating that we refuse to be intimidated but such behavior oftenly only causes the situation to get more out of hand.
You can only quench fire with water. You are already defeated if you plan to go toe to toe with your opponent.

Do not respond to perpetrators in a negative manner as it causes them to actually feel loved and accepted yet they may react more violent. Their assumption is that you actually go out of your way to find time for them. If you respond in a positive manner, they sometimes believe that you are trying to be sarcastic and may even upset you further.

Psychological evaluation and eventually psychotherapy based on analyzation may actually make a difference; however, bullies like to feel immediate gratification and fulfillment - psychotherapy may take several months or years.

Although oftentimes frustrating, cyberbullying, stalking and harrassment may eventually end. Here are several instructions basef on person experience to help you to grt through such ordeal.
Make a file with all text messages, emails or online post.
Record all conversations and later BLOCK all communications.
Do not respond
Ignore the individual totally
Report abuse
 It is also advisable to seek a restraining order if you feel that your life is being threatened.
The law doesnot take these matter lightly. Oftentimes though, law enforcement officers DO NOT take cyberbullying seriously and if the perpetrator had no physical contact with you, they are not willing to press charges for harrassment.
If you dated someone online, they do not consider it to be a relationship and may not be willing to file the charges as domestic violence even if you are stalked online and harassed constantly.
Cyberbulying is actually a federal matter and local authorities are not  usually responsible for handling complaints.  You can always file a complain with the FBI online. If you have proof of being contacted by phone then it falls under local state laws. Provide proof and make a report.
Laws need to be enforced to protect victims of cyberbullying. Many of these victims have contemplated taking their own lives. Some decide to take matters into their hands after making countless of complains to the appropriate prople and not getting any results.

You may seek punitive damages by filing a civil lawsuit. The money may not be of much interest to you as you are more concern about your wellbeing but the mere fact that it could cause financial loss to your opponent will cause the instigator to immediately stop interfering with you.
During this ordeal, check with your doctor regularly as you may be suffering from anxiety attack attack or depression caused from such horrific experience. It is important that you get your health vitals as stress may cause your blood pressure to increase and cause strokes, heart attack or other illnesses.
Concludion:  I am a victim who have managed to overcome these ordeals Sorry if you or your love one has to go through such experience.
DISCLAIMER: If you feel as if your life is endangered, please call your local authorities immediately .

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