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Natural Cures: The Most Powerful Natural Alternative Remedies

Natural Cures: The Most Powerful Alternative Remedies

August 28, 2018

For years I worked as a spiritual healer.  My most effective remedy was water; however, most of my clients refused to believe it’s many healing properties so I worked with certain other basic ingredients which are quite effective.

These ingredients are key lime, garlic, apple cider vinegar, raw honey, olive oil and  ginger.  Apple cider vinegar and honey is a great combination while olive oil and  key lime  works well together. Ginger and honey also has tremendous effects. Even when these ingredients are not combined, they are quite beneficial to ones health.

 Garlic is one of the most effective healing remedy. It prevents blood clots improves circulation and also detoxifies the liver. Garlic effectively fights off bacteria and helps respiratory and lung problems. It decreases mucus in the membrane and is often used to treat allergy, cold and flu symptoms. Garlic can also be used to treat ears and throat infection. Garlic tea may also lower fever as it fights infections that attack the body.

Garlic enhances rapid weight loss. It reduces fat deposits, lowers cholesterol and also lightens and clears complexion. On the other hand, garlic also helps to remove bald spots and causes regrowth.

Garlic significantly purifies the bloodstream. It is also believed to diminish cancerous cells. and inflammation. Astoundingly, garlic also is known for improving vision and effectively treating eye symptoms such as glaucoma.
Do not refrigerate garlic. It loses its potency.
Add 4 garlic pulps to a glass of water. Leave covered for 9 hours then drink . Do this for 3 consecutive days. It effectively detoxifies the liver, reduces fatty acids and combats fatigue.

You can also blend 3 pegs of garlic with milk to get rid of excessive bloatiness .  
Expect to have slight diarrhea after.
Add 8 pegs garlic to a regular bottle of honey. Sealed tightly and wrapped in warm clothes or blanket. Start taking 2 tablespoon of this antidote 9 days af 8 a.m and 9 p.m.  It strengthens and rebuilds the immune  system.
Squeeze 5 pulps garlic, add 2 cups water and slow boil for 13 minutes. Add honey at lukewarm temperature then sip slowly. It gets rid of short breath and dispels toxin however, eating raw garlic actually causes real terrible bad breath. Adorless garlic pills are available.

Take one garlic pill daily to saturate the heart. It’s good to take it along with 2 omega 3,6,9 pills for optimum heart and arteries help. Do not exceed more than 3 a day.
The benefits of organic “red” garlic are significant. Organic red garlic is widely known for its healing properties and can be ordered online or purchase from natural health food stores. Garlic dishes have a rich, robust and exotic flavor. Use garlic powder as one of your main seasoning ingredient.

It is highly recommended that you purchase garlic from an accredited store as garlic imported from certain countries are oftentimes bleached with chlorine and treated with pesticides. Some farmers also grow garlic in swamps that are contaminated. They can be harmful instead of beneficial to your health. It is advisable that you purchase garlic with the roots extended or preferable grow your own garlic by separating and planting the cloves.

The next powerful ingredient is olive oil. Olive oil helps to destroy parasites and thoroughly cleans the intestines. It also protects soft tissues.  People that suffer from gallstones often drink olive oil in certain proportion for a certain amount of time to remove the gallstones  Olive oil helps to clean the bowels when taken on empty stomach by itself. At least half a cup needs to be drank to see the full effect.
 Olive oil nurtures and soften the skin. It is one of the most popular oils used in purification rituals as it is recognized as a sacred oil with healing effects when used to anoint. Olive oil removes callous and provides nutrient for the nails, skin and hair. Extra Virgin olive oil is highly recommended. It best to purchase in dark glass bottles as it preserves the life of this ingredient.
On an empty stomach drink a cup of olive oil warmed for a few seconds in the microwave. 15 minutes after drinking the lukewarm olive oil, drink 1/4 cup of homemade orange juice using 2 oranges or one grapefruit. The toxins from your liver will instantly be dispelled. Chew on 4-5 pegs of fresh garlic 45 minutes after. Do not remove the peel of the garlic. Spit out garlic after extracting the juice of the garlic in your mouth. You can also take 5 tablespoon of garlic extract with one tablespoon honey instead.
Your hands may become damp and you may also burst out into cold sweat. Your face may also become flush. If you need to vomit or instantly pass stool go ahead and use the bathroom.
A day or two after, you will feel completely energized and renewed. Follow up with 3 glasses of cucumber juice  daily for three consecutive days.  Put a teaspoon of cinnamon powder in the second glass of cucumber juice for the day..
 For the next 7 days eat freshly made salads and drink up to 14 glasses of coconut water.
Expect allergy symptoms and sinus problems to improve after this procedure.
You will have less or no migraine headaches if you normally suffer from this symptom.  At least for the next two to three weeks, you will not feel constipated.
Expect to urine a lot as your body flushed itself of all the toxins. You will feel less stressed; your appetite may slightly decrease.

Drinking a teacup of olive oil at least every three months keeps the body attuned. For most people, drinking olive oil is not easily digestive. Slice a lemon and regularly squeeze a few drops of juice in your mouth.
Repeat this procedure for up to 15 minutes after taking the preferred dosage of room temperature olive oil preferable in the morning. This will help to prevent nausea or vomiting caused from upset stomach.
This procedure will builf up your immunity and prevent many illnesses.

Organic fruits and vegetables may be purchased at your local health food stores. Wash fruits with vinegar and water to remove rharmful esidue.  Enjoy refreshments by adding ginger, lemon or vinegar. These natural ingredients are great for healing, vitality and strength.

Ginger greatly relieves respiratory congestions , indigestion, bloatiness. Ginger also assists with blood circulation and naturally tones the organs. Ginger and green apples are refreshing. It can also be added to sorrel, pineapple and cucumber juices. Ginger mixed with honey is a soothing tonic that rejuvenates the heart, soothe the soul, reawakens the mind and energizes the body.

Add vinegar to your favorite dishes including meat, fish and vegetables. It gets rid of toxins, helps to cure gingivitis and wards off certain illnesses.  Add vinegar to your main dishes as it helps to get rid of bacteria and helps to surprisingly assist with digestion.
Vinegar balances the digestive system and reduces alkinity. Honey has certain vitamins  that are naturally beneficial to your health. It helps to break down certain enzymes and relaxes the mind.

Garlic juiced with melon is quite effective. It restores electrolytes and potassium after certain illness. It also hydrates and replenishes the body.  Apple cider vinegar helps to relieve heartburn and also detoxifies the liver. Vinegar kills bacteria that causes bad breath and is also good to treat ear infection, pimples and rash.  Vinegar gets rid of congestion and balances the alkinity in the body. It is recommended to add to baths at least once per week for total revitalization.

All these alternative remedies are twice ass effective when flushed with water. Water transports food to the blood stream. It helps constipation. Water gets rid of waste materials.  It hydrates the system and removes toxin through perspiration and urination. Water enhances the complexion; it also helps to relax the muscle of the heart after strenuous exertion.

Water and lemon assist in weight loss as they both help to detoxify the body.   Our body condist of 90 percent water which is also vital for purification and moderating body temperature. Drink at least 6-8 glasses of water daily and experience full vitality and mental clarity. Drinking water while not consuming food for at least 14 days heals the body of many illnesses and promotes longevity.

DISCLAIMER: DO NOT take alternative remedies if you are pregnant breastfeeding, or taking prescribed medication as they may cause tremendous side effects and complications. 

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