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Nurturing Yourself: Embracing The Child Who Lives Within

Nurturing Yourself: Embracing The Child Who Lives Within

August 27, 2018

Oftentimes we are told that life is a cycle that progresses from childhood to eventually reaching adulthood; however, the physical being is in conflict with the spiritual being as we have to nurture the child that lives within us in order to accomplish physical well-being.

SELF-REALIZATION: We need to process many attritibutes of a child to become fulfilled throughout our lives. Firstly, one has to realize that we are children of the Creator. We rely on God as our source of strength. We cannot attain nothing on our own. We need God’s guidance and protection to succeed. Be thankful for the air that you breathe. Do not take life for granted.

SELF ACTUALIZATION:  Eat delicate meals that are light, tangible  and easy to digest. The inner lining of the arsophagus is soft and readily inflamed. Eat regular small meals like a child while sitting and enjoying wonderful conversations or contemplating positive thoughts. It is healing for the soul. Do not sit to eat with people who are filled with wrath and hatred. It is vexation to the spirit and will greatly affect your health and well-being.

SELF-PRESERVATION: Enjoy quiet moments with your imaginary friends. It is also good to have a pet to return love and dispel loneliness.  Enjoy the quiet serenity or new age relaving music. Warm tea actually admonishes the heart and relaxes the mind. Chamomile or peppermint tea sweetened with honey replenishes your body and helps you to deal with grieve.

SELF-ILLUSTRATION: Reading the word of God with understanding helps us to acknowledge our spiritual identity thus being able to realize that our soul lives on for eternity.  Many answers not easily understood or found in the bible may be found in other books. Be willing to learn from others mistake based on their experiences .

SELF-CULTIVATION: Learn to evoke the power of God by staying attune to his creation and learning to recognize His voice.  Similar to a child, if you fall, get back up. Life is all about the lesson we attain during our lifetime. It is okay to make mistakes but avoid making the same mistakes over and over again. Strive for gradual self-mprovement.

SELF MOTIVATION: Nature is nurturing. Enjoy going for walks while enjoying beautiful landscapes and sceneries.  Water revitalizes the spirit and refreshes the mind. Enjoy sunlight and quiet moments especially before the dawn of day or at nights when the world seems to be asleep. Like a child, believe that you are highly protected and truly loved. Do not be afraid as fear certainly lures irrational thoughts and behavior and causes you to make hasty decisions which could be quite detrimental.

SELF-GRATIFICATION: Remain humble even if you become well-known and successful as pride is the beginning of all downfalls and the staging of false conquest.  Do not look down on others as it is displeasing to God; however, choose your company well as the wrong froends that adults and children keep often lead them astray.

Be thoughtful and playful. Enjoy every moment while you are alive. It will help you to remain youthful and live a long and vibrant life. Also learn to develop froendships with others even if they are not long-term relationships. You actially cannot make it through this world alone. To completely live for yourself will cause your life to be totally adrift and amiss. 

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