Monday, October 15, 2018

Selena Gomez Shocking Update (New Details)

Selena Gomez family are concerned about her health and may have taken matters into their own hands by signing her into a mental institution “against her will.” 
Shockingly, after being confronted - Selena has admitted to her family that she has been drinking although it’s detrimental to her health.

Radar Online discloses that Selena’s drinking problem is greatly affecting her physically and mentally and is to be blamed for her recent catastrophe.

Selena Gomez’s close relatives states that unless she stops drinking, she could die. They know the seriousness of remaining sober especially after a kidney transplant.  
Gomez apparently has been partying and drinking a lot.

Selena got treatment before at a wellness center but although sources disclosed that she got treated for alcoholism, she adamantly denied it and claimed that the treatment was for lupus but in such case wouldn’t she be treated at the hospital instead?

Gomez drinking problems may have contributed to her kidney failure too, however she claims that it is caused from Lupus.

However, having Lupus and drinking carelessly is more detrimental to her overall health. 
There are quite a few celebrities that are known to have lupus for years yet none have been so severe that they had to undergo surgery for a kidney replacement. 
Gomez may have yet to realize the sacrifice that her friend made to keep her alive. 

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