Monday, October 15, 2018

Selena Gomez: Hospitalized - Meltdown (Full Analysis)

Selena Gomez was recently hospitalized due to a sudden meltdown. Assumingly, it was caused from Justin Bieber rumored and unconfirmed “courthouse” marriage. However, it is now being analyzed that while Selena’s Gomez‘s health may somehow be affected by Justin’s new relationship, her recent emotional breakdown and hospitalization at a mental hospital are evidently related to ongoing health issues. Selena was hospitalized twice in one week. She was first admitted to Cedars -Sinai then released only to be advised by doctors that she needed to be re-admitted. Upon hearing the news, sources claim that Gomez tore the IV out of her arms. “CNN” news reported that Gomez is suffering adverse reactions from recent kidney transplant whereas her blood count is tremendously low. . Other celebrities who suffer from lupus includes recording artists, Toni Braxton and Seal. Seal was diagnosed with a specific type of lupus which causes his face to scar. Lady Gaga has borderline lupus; her aunt died of the disease. Nick Canon reports that he has been able to deal with Lupus by living a healthy lifestyle and maintaining a strong support system. Seal believes that certain illnesses and possible complications contribute to the essence of creativity and art. Prognosis reveals that 90 percent of lupus patients are females and that Hispanic women develop the symptoms at a much earlier age. Lupus is an auto-immune symptom in which the body’s own immune system attack its own organs causing joint pain, discomfort and possible liver and kidney failure. Justin Bieber was a part of Selena’s support system at least for a couple years since she’s been diagnosed. Gomez’s mother was contacted by Justin who dated her during earlier diagnosis. Bieber asked to visit Selena Gomez but was told that the visit may be even more detrimental to her health. The Weekend, Selena’s most recent boyfriend stated in his album release single entitled, “Call Out My Name.” how much he was willing to give of himself. “He states, “I almost cut a piece of myself for your life”. In his album her also mentioned, “Guess I was just another pit stop til u made up your mind. You just wasted my time.” On the other hand, Gomez who has acquired over 144 million fans online is suffering from the backlash of fame on social media. She announces that she is taking a break. Her recent post revealed an image with the following caption: “Kindness and encouragement only got a bit. Just remember-negative comments can hurt anybody’s feelings”. The statement may have been written by her PR who is concern about her health and well-being or she may have written it herself - a significant “cry” for emotional support and understanding. In 2015, “Billboard” reported that Selena Gomez was diagnosed with Lupus. The disease eventually attacked her kidney. Last year Gomez received a kidney transplant. According to ET, Selena is currently receiving Dalectical Behavior Therapy. Earlier this year she was treated at a New York wellness facility for depression and anxiety. “CBS News”reports that during New York Fashion week, Selena Gomez also had a very hectic schedule and states that she needs to relax for the rest of the Summer. All these factors may have contributed to Gomez current health crises; it is obviously more than a shattered relationship. People are quick to assume that Selena is suffering from a breakdown due to her “loss” of Justin Bieber as it is happening just when it has been reported that he is married but it is not the most relevant aspect. Undoubtedly, she is completely devastated that Justin recently purchased a Canadian mansion for his “wife” which deemed the seriousness of their relationship. The couple also proposed July in the Bahamas and is rumored to be secretly married. However, Selena Gomez has other matters that are “truly” affecting her health and well-being. News correspondence, “Page Six” reports that in 2014, Gomez was treated at the Meadows. The article also reveals that the treatment was for lupus diagnosis and chemotherapeutic treatment; however, sources mention that it was for substance abuse. Justin Bieber visits the Hillsong church in Beverly Hills that Selena also attended. He is seen without his “wife” who normally goes with him. Bieber may have asked God to intervene and grant Selena Gomez perfect peace and harmony. He was photographed twice recently crying in his car. Bieber may have also prayed for himself when he visited the church as he definately seems to be wrestlng with his true feelings. Fans awaited him outside and comforted him. Although Justin Bieber seems to have moved on with his life in the past few months, he may be a bit uncertain about his most recent quick decisions. Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez obviously still love each other despite what others may think - afterall Selena is still his dreamgirl. They met and fell in love shortly after his early rise to fame and stardom. Sadly it is reported that Justin is no longer concern about fame and “lost his zest for music”. Selena Gomez may or may not be aware that stress and health deterioration are somewhat related and Justin could seriously be blamed for further hospitalization of Gomez even though the emotional tryst is not totally related to her health. Obviously, in 2016 when Selena Gomez received a transplant from her friend, Francia - she gained a lot of strength but recently feels completely drained and bewildered. Gomez dated for awhile after the kidney transplant surgery then got back with Justin for a short while. Justin Bieber may actually be throwing his current relationship in her face. This could be the most ultimate revenge. Whether or not it’s true his much publicized marriage may greatly affect her. Has social media been unkind to Selena? Selena states: “As much as I am grateful for the voice that social media gives each of us, I am equally grateful to be able to step back and live my life present to the moment I have been given.” She’s seeking treatment at an East Coast psychiatric facility, where she’s undergoing DBT, or dialectical behavior therapy, which focuses on how to better respond to negative events. Could it be that the pressure of the inhumane taunts on social media, the hectic schedule, the news of Justin tying the knot, and her ongoing health crisis finally causes her to succumb to heartfelt depression? A feeling that no one cares - no solace just total derision

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