Friday, October 12, 2018

Self-Realization: Taking Back You Before It’s Too Late

Self-Realization: Taking Back You Before It’s Too Late 

August 26, 2018

For centuries we have been taught to give ourselves to others even in sickness or in health, for richer or poorer till death do us part. So many of us never really stop for a moment to consider that life is a journey that requires you to often spend time with yourself so you can grow to become a better person. We need to nurture our spiritual being before we are able to truly uplift anyone.

Relationships are often conceived for various reasons including financial , depression, regression and oftentimes revenge not realizing that we are harming our ownselves. No-one should enter into any relationship unless the individual is prepared to accept certain responsibilities. Life partners has to be psychological stable and confident so as to help to uplift each other. Oftentimes one party may be stronger but if you merge with someone that it is a pessimist and hates to be corrected, the relationship is  already doomed for failure. Do not be unequally yoked.

Lack of confidences is often detrimental to all relationships. You may end up settling for less than you perceive if you don’t know or understand your true value.
Most relationship end because one or both parties criticize a lot.  Being judgmental is  an escape route of not aligning ones future and feeling happy about the outcome of personal  expectation. The most judgmental people have suffered some form of disappointment in life and try to make up for their shortcomings by finding faults with others often putting them down and pretending to be better at all times.

Some people define happiness in relationship as financial stability. People who enter into relationships for financial reasons mostly live in denial and build false hope believing that financial security can solve almost everything. To not have anything in common and enter into a relationship for only financial reasons is detrimental to ones heath and wellbeing. Oftentimes in the beginning of a relationship, it may seem as if you’re winning but as time goes by people realize that they are only imprisoned.
Many people finally concludes that they somewhat forfeited their dreams and aspirations which is the key to their happiness and fulfillment. Having wealth does not guarantees happiness. Happiness is only a myth when we continuously take but never give back in return. Our libes cannot be bartered or sold-we do not own it to begin with.
To know God is true happiness. To have a relationship with Christ helps us to overcome all obstacles in life. Knowing God is as simple as admitting to yourself and others that a “Superior Power” lies within us that enables us to reap the fruits of our labor by rewarding us with long life, health and peace of mind.

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